Tuesday, 12 August 2014

God send

Has it only been 4 months now?  It seems like we have known Emmanuel and Mokshaa and their lovely son Vo-way for ever!

This family literally walked into our lives in mid March this year - and moved to Thane just in time for Mokshaa to celebrate her birthday with ours (she slips in her B-day on April 3rd - right between mine and Sheba's).

And since then we have been with this family virtually every working day.  And some times more than once a day at that!

We are so touched by Emmanuel's deep intelligence, his love for others, his joy in worship and his willingness to work and serve however, wherever, in whatever way he can.   We are so glad for Mokshaa who has joined JSK as a doctor and for her caring for patients.  We are so glad to see little Vo-way grow and develop.  We are so glad for the next baby who is clearly due sooner than later!

What a treasure this family is.  They have quietly but firmly cemented themselves into our lives.  They are the real deal. 

In years past we prayed for a doctor to join us.  It seemed an impossibility given how hard it is to get nurses.  Now we have two doctors.  And not just any run-of-the-mill medicos.  Folks who have vision and calling.  Folks who can take things forward.

At Jeevan Sahara we are going through some choppy waters as we have a new challenge of balancing our books and revisiting our core calling and activities.  Through this process, we have Emmanuel and Mokshaa along with us, encouraging us, making courageous and sacrificial choices of their own, trusting in our common Lord.

We are deeply grateful for this amazing family. 

They may even be the definition of the word 'God-send.'

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