Saturday, 14 November 2009


Haven't heard much from Mum and Dad during there current US trip.

Then we get this in the email inbox on Thursday:

Thanks for praying for travel safety! The angels are around us. We hydroplaned today and totaled the car off I-75. We were in the ditch, but unhurt, PRAISE THE LORD.
Greg & Debby Wiley were driving down I-75 from Tenn to Florida. We were going to meet them, as today is Christa’s AND Greg’s birthdays.
Well, we never made it to the restaurant, but had some good fellowship with the police and wrecker men. I
also could meet 4 groups of people who stopped to ask if we needed help and gave them all our PRAY FOR INDIA brouchures ! One was a black pastor !
PRAISE GOD, WE ARE SAFE AND SOUND AND THANKING THE LORD. We could easily have been killed, killed others or have been seriously wounded. THE LORD IS GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!

Vintage Dad. If that had been the last day of their lives - and it almost was - we would be able to say that they lived a life worth living. By God's grace we have them with us for some more time at least.

We miss both sets of our parents and wish we did not all stay so far apart!

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