Sunday, 26 October 2008

Eicher creche

We have been blessed with 2 kids coming to our house this week. Mrs. Maninder's two little daughter have been spending their mornings with us as she helps to clean at the JSK centre. Sheba is here till 11 in the morning - and then Saroj (who helps us in the home in the mornings) looks after them and our twosome till 1 PM.

On a recent morning Sheba took the 4 down to the park in our building society. It is amazing how beautiful these kids are. So precious and valuable. And to think that they were living next to a garbage heap 2.5 years ago....

Saroj brought something recently that made Asha's heart glad - a mehendi set. She helped put in on Asha's left arm...
much to her delight! We have a pretty mehendi-walli in our midst now!

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