Thursday, 31 July 2008

Satish update

Our little boy who has been at the JSK centre for the past 10 days seems to be ever so slowly turning the corner. He is eating on his own - his 'death skull' look is ever so slowly receding. Satish is still hovering on the brink - but a lot of love and care - and many prayers later it looks like he may make it after all.

The next question is where to discharge him to?

The street, where the ruin of a hut awaits them at their pavement site? Add to that the monsoonal rains and we understand how Satish came to be in the miserable state he is in.

The challenges of urban squalor and destitution don't go away.

We are trying to locate relatives. We have found some, but they want nothing to do with the family. Sadly, not a single person from the relatives have come to visit and inquire.

Poverty is primarily a poverty of relationships.

And how to involve God's people in all of this? What steps to take, what options to give.

We find so many questions surrounding us - and so few hard (and even fewer easy) answers.

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