Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Gentle readers - we are now 300 posts old. Whew!

Last year - during the monsoons - we were visited by the wonderful John Forbes. Since he was travelling around India I suggested that he write a blog about his adventures. Though I had never written one myself, I bravely suggesting I could help him set it up - and so we put together a small blog for John - something that I thought would be fiendishly difficult. Not so.

After a month of regularly checking up on-line to see what John was doing - I finally gave in and Chai Chats with the Eichers was born a year ago tomorrow.

The very first post had an image of a woman peering out from behind her veil and this text

In the beginning was the Word.
And the Word was with God.
And the Word was God.
Oh that the Word would be known
by all whom the Word fashioned
by all who call on the Word,
with words
But let my words be few
and let them join with the songs around the Word
and around the world.

Have the words been few? Seems like there have been many. And always more to say.

Our hope is that some of the thoughts and experiences we have shared have touched different places in the heart and have made there ways to different spaces in the world.

We are encouraged by some of your emails (including from all the way out in Lincoln Nebraska) Its a real lift to us as the situations we face are often bleak. We yearn for conversation - and hope that this on-line diary may help towards talking things out. Please do post comments and links to other sites too - let iron sharpen iron, and let charity prevail!

Life is beautiful (and cruel) and then there is an eternal second helping (with no hint of cruelty to stain it)!

In the interest of full disclosure - the dashboard said I had 300 posts - but I think it counted 4 that I deleted. When I actually tallied the posts from 2007 and 2008 to date it comes up to 296. Not quite such a pleasing round figure after all, but since this has already gone out into the ether...


  1. What a milestone! I know it was God that brought the connections together to discover this blog. It was just a year ago I was returning from my first trip to India with a fresh heart, passion and first-hand knowledge of India and the work underway among HIV patients. It has keep things fresh in the long slog through graduate studies to know of the ongoing work at JSK. I have cried over and been strengthened by the stories of these beautiful image-bearers innumerable times this past year.

    I didn't realize until today that I "happened" on such a fresh, nascent blog last August! So I've been with you from your inception. I generally haven't really commented on blogs much until recently (though I avidly read about 50-100 posts a day!), but want to comment here more to return the encouragement I've received. This is a blog representing a family, people and work I've come to know and love-and hope to know face to face someday- and will follow the happenings here as long as they are reported.

    I also encountered Stefan's beautiful work here and have come into an intercontinental dialogue with him. My wife and I are gratefully able to support his art with his piece "Finding a Foothold" as our joint anniversary present, which we save up for bit by bit each week. I saw the piece here and was captivated. We are amazed that God has held onto this piece for us and know it will touch many in Midwest USA for years to come!

    Keep it up and be encouraged! Here's to another 300 (or 296) posts!

  2. I came across this post earlier today, and thought it apropos. I think you guys are doing this well in a different arena.