Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Perfect 7

A life is like a flower - unbloomed.

We really don't know how each person buds and blossoms - until we see it before our eyes.

Last week we celebrated 7 years since Asha was born. What a beautiful journey it has been. This evening we visited a dear elderly uncle in hospital - Asha was close to his head, stroking his hand lovingingly. The uncle noticed her deep love and was very touched.

On the 16th we had a real treat of a party - a fun group of girls (and 2 token boys - Enoch being 50% of that) - sprightly games - good food and a great cake - a word from the Lord through the story of the donkey who carried Jesus - and above all the real joy of celebrating with our darling Asha.
Having her beloved "Oma and Opa" there was an added treat. We are so blessed by grandparents (and so wish our parents were able to live with us the whole time instead of being so far away).
Asha had been thinking about this day for at least 2 months prior.
The countdown to Eicher birthdays seems to wind well into the previous year (shades of the US presidential election?).
But the wait is well worth it.
We prayed before this party - that God's peace and joy would be with us - and it was. It was lovely to have people from very differetn worlds meet up - our dear friends John and Nalini Gabriel from Borivali, talking to Thomas from Bhandup - Mum chatting with the mother of Vidisha - one of Asha's school friends - who is an customs officer - Dad talking to Naveen our businessman neighbour...
We are thrilled to see Asha blooming into a person worthy of her hope-bearing name. She is a very special girl and we are so privileged to be her parents and experience life with her.
Bloom well daughter - the world is an often ugly place (for now at least) - and we need all the hope of Jesus that we can get.

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