Thursday, 23 July 2015

Dad is half-way there!

Dad went over to Bethany Hospital this morning and met his oncologist.  They looked at the blood reports from yesterday - and with his WBC count over 4000 and his neutrophil percentage above 60 it seems that it is all systems go for his 3 dose of chemo in his 3rd cycle.  Dad 'booked' a room up on the 5th floor (his favourite) and came back.  So good.  So normal.

Tomorrow's dose marks a 1/2 way point for this course of chemotherapy.  Dad has done very well through it all.  There have been no side-effects to speak of so far.  A bit of dizzyness in the second cycle, and a few low blood counts which 'delayed' the onset of a few doses - but by and large very smooth sailing.  In fact, the sails have been filled by the wind of prayer that has blown in - some gusts from nearby, others travelling in jet-streams from around the world.  Every breath most gratefully accepted by Dad and the whole family!

So.  Three months down - well - make that four.  Another three or so to go.  Who would have thought on Jan 7th when we celebrated Mum and Dad's 100 years of combined service in India in the suprise time for them, that 7 months later Dad would have gone through the major life-saving cancer surgery and would be 1/2 way through a course of chemotherapy!

Goes to show again just how grateful we need to be for every move we make, every breath we take, every cake we bake...

We had a lovely dinner tonight with Mum having rustled up a spagetti and sauce delight with garlic bread to go along with it.  And we got to talking - and thanking God for His goodness in letting us see the 22nd of July 2015.

There are so many reasons to be thankful - amidst all the confusion that swirls around the day to day challenges of living.  Dad's getting 1/2 way through his chemotherapy with so much grace and his own brand of being who he is ranks up there!  Thank you God, for letting us experience grace in action.

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  1. Delighted to hear.................
    God Bless You All & Lots Of Love............