Saturday, 4 July 2015

A new life together

Yesterday evening our dear Agnes married Ezra Kannayyan.

It was a blessed time with Agnes' family out in force - a group of 18 had come from her village of Lankalakoderu and it was a unique time when all the surviving siblings gathered to thank the Lord and pray for the new couple.

We wanted to much to be there as a full family but three things were in the way:  Asha and Enoch's school assessments on Friday and Monday, Dad's chemotherapy that was expected for the weekend, and Yohan's health and the fact that we have to get written permission from the authorities to take him out of the district.

So we had to make a call on who would go from the Eichers - and it ended up being only Sheba.  But we are so glad that she could be there.

Here is the first picture we have of the wedding - the bride with a smile that is bursting through her veil, flanked by (from left to right): David uncle, Amma, Sheba, Agnes' mother Stuthi (carrying a grandchild), Mary Auntie and Sheba's sister Sarah.  Agnes' late father was the sibling of David, Amma, Mary and the late uncle Isaac (whose widow was not able to join the marriage).  It's a tribute to God's grace across the generations so see these precious people together for Agnes' big day.

From the Thane church, our elder Rolly and Doris attended - joined by their daughter Juanita from Dehra Dun, and the other elder Jolly and Suma along with their daughter Reneta.  Icing on the cake was our dear John Gabriel who was in town for business, and who was pressed into service at the last minute to translate from English into Hindi and Telegu as bro Rolly shared the main message.

The wedding was held up in North Delhi - a good 36 kms away from where Victor and Sarah live.  So Sheba and the rest of the family got back late to the Gautam Nagar home.   For Agnes and Ezra, their long journey is just beginning.  We wish them all God's blessings in this wonderful pilgrimmage.  Fifteen years after Dec. 15th 1999, Sheba and I are so grateful for the blessings we have received on the way... and are experiencing as we make our next steps together.

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