Monday, 19 March 2012


We took an outing on Saturday.  Out to Badlapur to visit Asha and David and see the work they do with children.  Lots of children. 25 of them.

We are a young country.  To say we have many children is an understatement.  Tragically - so many of them do not receive love.  Asha and David have opened up their home for many over the years.  Living from hand-to-mouth this couple have fostered many a young life.  And continue to move forward.

We got to know Asha some years ago - when she was helping us out in our home at Happy Valley. We appreciated her work dearly - and her deep joy in doing whatever she could with all her heart. But the long journey she made everyday to be with us made us finally tell her that she should focus her attention on the kids that she and David were looking after.

This she did.  

Asha knows what it means to be unloved.  As a girl she suffered a grevious injury on her arm.  Her father was too poor and too indifferent to have it treated.  It 'healed' in a crooked way - one that has left her virtually without the use of her left arm.  As a young woman she had a life-changing encounter with the living Christ.  She is a woman transformed and works out of the simplicity of her situation to pour love into the kids.

Where will these kids go?  We don't know - but we know that some have already 'graduated' from the home of Asha and David and are making a difference.  Many of the kids do have a parent - and go 'home' during the summer month - and are such a blessing to their other family members.

We wish that there were no need for Asha and David to open their home to these kids. We wish that each parent would look after their children with love and care.  But yet the grim reality is that we are a heartless society, where so many a young life is being cruelly warped.

Spare a prayer for Asha and David. They recently have brought in 2 abandoned old people as well - and said that a third was on her way.  As a family they survive on less than a shoe-string. That they have come this far is the result of miracle after miracle. They need all the help they can get.

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  1. Andi,
    Thanks for sharing the work of Asha and David. Amazing to see Gods kingdom in action in far away places. Would love to hear more about their work with children (newsletter , email ?).