Thursday, 29 March 2012

An attitude of gratitude

Sheba was talking to a lady yesterday evening.  She is the sister of one of our HIV Positive Friends.  Lets call her Prabha.   We have not met Prabha for some time - but she attended yesterdays monthly Positive Friends Support Group meeting along with her sister.

Prabha is not much to look at.  Small and thin, with a gaping set of buck-teeth.  Her sister is a walking miracle.  So often sick, but still hanging on.  Still here with us.

At the end of the meeting we break into small groups.  Its a time for personal sharing about the challenges that each person is going through - and then we pray for each other - and promise to keep on praying during the month.

Sheba asked Prabha what she wanted prayer for.  Prabha mumbled something about her child having a skin rash and requesting healing for that.  Then she stopped and smiled.

Sheba probed a bit further.  "What else do you want prayer for, what are your other problems?"

"What else do I need?" said Prabha.

"God is so good to me" she said with an amazing smile.

"My husband used to drink so much.  Now he has stopped."

"He used to only go to work 2 days out of 7.  Now my husband faithfully goes to work everyday."

"God answers prayers!"

Prabha has been attending a local prayer meeting for some time now.  She is still living in a shanti-town.  She hardly earns anything, and the prices of daily commodities continue to rise. 

Just hearing Sheba tell me about this encounter with a lady who exuded contentment and joy sent shivers down my spine.

Oh for a genuine attitude of gratitude - like the one our dear sister Prabha has.

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