Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Older and thinner

He is a year older to her. But 10 kgs lighter.

She is full of pep. Though she just failed her 6th standard she is bubbling with life and spunkiness.

Both have HIV. Parents? Died long ago.

He has been started on Anti-retroviral Therapy drugs a month ago. But is not doing well.

"Doctor, can you give me something to make me gain weight?" he asked Sheba sadly.

It breaks our hearts when people we love are not doing well. Our bodies and our feelings are so deeply intertwined. This dear young boy, well into the cusp of adolescence seems lost and alone.

Thank God for the church people who are lovingly looking after him and his sister. They have poured themselves into the siblings - and it shows.

But the road is still hard for the early teen who has HIV coursing through his body - and for whom the meds do not seem to be having much effect.

So many pills. For TB. For HIV.

Spare a prayer for a young boy with HIV.

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