Monday, 29 June 2009

Mobile calls

The mobile phone is an amazing device.

(Almost) wherever you are - people can get in touch with you.

Today two young men called up. Different men. Same topic. They had had a sexual exposure and wanted to talk about it.

The first call came in the morning while we were worshipping in our house fellowship. I called back later since the phone was on silent. The second was in the evening and came during the annual general meeting of our housing society. I left the room - talked to the man - and came back.

Both men want to be tested. Both men were grateful to talk. I feel humbled to know through the combination of the simple website we have for JSK ( and our contact number: 9323712065, that we were able to play a small part in helping bring real change. What a blessing to serve as a link for people to call up and find out - and gain peace of mind - as well as come in contact with people who can help them change their behaviours - from the inside out.

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