Friday, 8 February 2008

Training Time Again!

One of the key things we do at Jeevan Sahara is train people in HIV care.

As I write, the office is abuzz with our staff putting together the materials. Tomorrow we start our first session of our current series of 4 fortnightly training days aimed at preparing church members in HIV care.

We are blessed to have James D'Costa on board at JSK - his phone calls and our letters to different churches and community based organisations means that we have 60 people who said they will come!

Sometimes we want God not to answer all our prayers!

The key to the whole training is to see men and women realise that God has a plan for them.

That He has always used weak people.

That He has always sought care and healing to take place in community.

That His body is His chosen instrument here on earth.

That the only hope we have for people with HIV is for God's people to love, include them, heal and be blessed by them.

We know that in today's India no church should be without a person with HIV.

And no person with HIV should be without a church!

Pray for us as we go into this series of trainings.

Ask God to speak through each one of us.

Ask God to prepare hearts and minds for action.

Ask God to make sure that what is learned bears fruit - and that many families affected by HIV will be blessed by God's people.

Pray for our staff as well as they juggle many different responsibilities. We need to see a continual growth in each one of us - to take on bigger tasks and expect greater outcomes for God!

We would love to have you come and participate in our training!

Our staff Sunita Benjamin and Sandhya Aind are at the door waiting to welcome you to this unique opportunity to serve others as Jesus did!


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