Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Birth-day anniversary

We had a lion of a time today - Enoch has turned all of 5 years old - and the phones were ringing. At one point we had two conversations going on with loved ones in the US - on the mobile with Daisy, Ramesh and Frankie - and on the land-line with Mum and Dad!

Enoch is 1/2 a decade old! It seems like just yesterday we moved to Thane with a very pregnant Sheba carrying the child who we found out on 19 Feb 03 was Enoch!

This year Enoch really was aware of his birthday. We have talked about this for weeks ahead of time. Enoch said that he would not be able to sleep the night before - because he was so excited.

It was lovely to gather with some of our dear friends - especially the ones of Enoch and Asha's age - and their loving parents!

We had games which had the kids excited - and parents who also wanted to join in the fun. The family tradition of a cake was also done - with this year's shape being a lion! The party thus took a bit of a jungle theme - though most of it was left to the imagination of children to fill in!

We are really blessed to experience so much beauty and joy. Our wonderful kids remind us that there is hope. We are so glad to have Enoch enliven our lives so much - and look forward to what God is going to do through him in the future!

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  1. Quite the impressive cake. Indeed, as we come up on our firstborn's 6th birthday, it seems like aeons ago that our family begun. Wow. 5 years? Half-decade? Half-century? Hard to tell the difference.