Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Small world

Asha took her 'science' project to school today - Summer.

She made a small world to illustrate it.

One where people drink cool drinks and eat icecreams.

One where people go up to the hills - like the small hill-station of Matheran which generations of Mumbai-dwellers go to to cool off a bit. The Thane Eichers have not yet been to Matheran as a family, but we hope to rectify this omission! The charm of the place is that no cars are allowed, so you either walk or take a horse!
One of the best things about Matheran is getting there. There is a 100 year old toy train that chugs up the side of the hill - meandering its way up through forests full of monkeys.

Asha also reasoned that people go on picnics during summer. And wear funny straw hats. And go to the beach.
All of this recreated in her own little world. Courtesy of Enoch and Asha's duplo set. And some artistic direction by Asha's Dad. Other than some cutting and a few of the gluing segments, however - all was done by Asha herself.
How much our children are going to shape the world. Let see.

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  1. Science project? Or future art genius? Impressive work -- hard to imagine one of our kids having the patience to complete the entire task -- which such incredible attention to detail!