Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Enoch Eicher, MD

Enoch Eicher, MD.

We have one Dr. Eicher so far. How many more? And when will the next one come about? What of the many years of study that Asha or Enoch (or Ashish) will have to put in to get trained in medicine?

Today it was a dress up day - Enoch's Jr. KG class celebrated 'grandparents' day and he was in a play showing the different 'helpers' - doctors fall into that category. He was dissappointed that his own grandparents weren't there - and we had to try and explain that Oma and Opa are in the US right now - while Ammama and Thatha are in Delhi. I wish we could have some 'adopted' grandparents for Asha and Enoch like we had when Stef, Premi and I were growing up.

But back to the white coat. The Yale Medicine magazine we get never fails to report on the ceremony when med students get to don the white coat. A powerful statement of belonging - jealously guarded by the med fraternity. Will one or two of the next gen Eichers follow Mummy's footsteps? Watch this space.

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  1. Wow Dr. Eicher, MD looks like the real thing. I think our dress-up day in KG was a soccer player or something. . . then again, no doctors in the family to provide inspiration.