Tuesday, 26 February 2008


The Queen Elizabeth 2 is on her final journey. Many years of sailing the world are coming to an end. One of the passengers was a certain George Verwer who made a quick visit to Bombay in the early 80s to meet with Dad and other OM leaders.

In an age of the jet liner - the ocean liner seems an anachronism. Our anscestors sailed the sees on the Cunard and P&O lines. Usually the journey took weeks. Sometimes longer. When Dad was a boy it took him a good 7 months to sail from New York to Bombay (via Portugal and South Africa) during the 2nd world war.

There are still sailing ships that ply the sea. None more dear to our heart than the two (or is it three?) OM ships - the Doulos, the Logos 2 (on her final voyage to the caribbean) and the new Logos Hope. These ships have seen millions of people come on board at harbours across the world and leave with books and much hope! Mum and Dad had the privilege of praying the original Logos into being. We as a family had the privilege of spending a night on the Doulos in Vishakapatnam harbour in 2006! Happy sailing dear friends on OM ships - may you have a fair wind as you cross the seas for lasting hope!

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