Saturday, 23 February 2008

Dahi Wadas

Illustration only - Sheba's real Dahi wada has not been photographed yet!
Our eyelids are drooping. But the delicious smell of Dahi Wada being made is in the air.
Its been a long weekend already - and more fun to come tomorrow.

Sunday - 17th
We had the excitement of picking up Asher McRae while he was sick on the last leg of his cycle trip from Kanyakumari to Thane (he is moving on towards Gangotri - via Gujarat, Rajesthan, Punjab and Harayana on Monday). We ended up doing a bit of nursing and a lot of talking as we as a family were blessed by this extraordinary young man.

Monday - 18th
Asher was with us. Great to get to know him a bit more. What a history and legacy he bears (and does so lightly). We are so grateful for God-honouring parents - and have seen Uncle Yip and Auntie Frieda McRae impact so many lives over the years.

Tuesday - 19th
Enoch celebrates his 5th birthday with the family and Asher in the morning and a wonderful party at night. This is the first year that Enoch is really, really excited about his birthday and the party. We have been talking about this for months. Asher spends the night with Sanjeev and others in the JSK men's hostel.

Wednesday - 20th
An afternoon meeting with 3 folk from a group who have worked with drug-users and alcoholics in Hong Kong. Very Jesus focussed. We would love to see folk like them come on board and help out with men who are in bondages to alcohol in our communities.
At night Men's prayer meeting at the Eichers. A good hour of power with the Lord from 9.30-10.30.

Thursday - 21st
Asher back with us for a night. Memory game with the kids. Songs of devotion at night - including a beautiful one Asher wrote during an especially difficult time in his faith. A spendid time was had by all.
Friday - 22nd
A team from SHALOM Delhi came to visit JSK. We have the privilege of hosting Mrs. Anne John and Mrs. Atula at our place till Monday. They join us for our Bible Study at Bro Jolly and Sis Suma's place. From 9 - 11 PM. Another late night.
Saturday - 23rd
JSK Church Partner Training - session 2. It was great to have an enthusiastic group of men and women with us. Like last session we see the very gracious hand of God at work. The interactions have been lively and the testimonies touching. God has such a heart for people with HIV and yearns for his body to reach out to its potential. Our training participants were very positive about the whole experience - and the sense of God's presence there. Prayers are being answered.

In the evening a wonderful time with Dr. Imrie at a gathering for Christian Doctors at Dr. Stephen Alfred's house. A short report can be seen by clicking here. How amazing to be with so many lovely people. Our eternity is something worth waiting for - esp. since we now have so many terrific brothers and sisters to look forward to meeting with then - and forever.

And so we are back to the making of dahi wadas. Sheba is just finishing them off - they are for a celebration meal after worship tomorrow at our Church at Samata Nagar house fellowship. Our small gathering of 4 families and 4 singles has been blessed with birthdays last week. Besides Enoch's birthday (which he shared with Sony-bhaiya), his church friend Sharon had one the next day, and his other big bhayia Ryan will be having his B-day tomorrow.

We are very tired - but very grateful to God for this life. Good night!

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