Saturday, 15 December 2007


Eight years ago today Sheba and I started into the adventure that marriage is.

In the last two weeks of the previous millenium we joined our lives together. A huge leap of faith - a big step of trust - knowing far more about our common Lord than each other.

We celebrated today - and are still celebrating. Our first was in the company of our dear friends and colleagues at Jeevan Sahara Kendra.

Fittingly it was our annual 'Thanksgiving' time - when we look back at the year gone by - and really thank God for what He has done. We were overwhelmed with the folk who came - a good 150 or so adults and another 80 kids showed up. The stories were deeply moving - how many have seen real change and hope come into their lives over the past year. Our colleague Adam Black stood up to thank our positive friends for sharing their unforgettable stories - and choked up - which was totally how I felt too. Each life is so precious - and so many of our friends have been through the worst experiences of brokeness, rejection, hopelessness and grief.

At the same time, what a blessing to be sharing our lives, our times with these dear people. We are glad that Asha and Enoch are growing up with the words 'HIV', 'death', 'very sick' on their lips - not because we are sadistic - but because we live in a world where suffering is real - but hope is unexpectedly and gloriously real too.

One of the songs was an energetic little dance by the children from the Child Care Centre that JSK helps run to allow children to remain with their HIV positive parents. In it one of the enthusiastic dancers was little Hari.

Yes, the same little boy who almost died just over a month ago (click here). Hari was not only dancing, but he acted in a play and was so full of energy and joy. And to think that we almost, so very very nearly lost him that night.

I am very proud of my colleagues and others who have been with us in prayer to make miracles like this happen.

It is deeply fitting that we should remember the beginning of our journey together as a couple, the genesis of the new family of Eichers, in the company of so many saints.

Looking across the sea of faces today - the image remains locked in my mind - I cannot help but be so glad for the intimate way God has allowed us to come into contact and relationship with so many. It is inconceivable for me that this would happen without Sheba and I having trodden the road of marriage over these years - following our dear Lord Jesus together.

Thanks for being along with us on this journey. We have many areas where we are still growing. Many edges of selfishness and pride that still need to be rubbed smooth. Many areas where we are being used to shape and mould each other.

We look back with gratitude. Sadness at some of the mistakes we have made. Joy at the blessings we have received. Thankfullness for eight years of life together.

How many more years? Don't know, but as the sweet scent of the big bunch of roses next to me continues to waft my way - I have to say that if the Lord chooses to take one or both of us home right now - it will have all been worth it.

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