Thursday, 27 December 2007


The cousins and Appa on the beach in May 06 - this time Frankie (right) is replaced by Anmol

The cock is crowing outside. The palm tree has a cluster of coconuts on it. Appa says that we will have a man climb up and harvest them so that the kids can have tender coconut water. Sarah (Sheba’s sister), her husband Victor and little Joanna have just arrived. The delicious smell of chicken biryani - being cooked by Yashmeet and Peter (Sheba’s brother) is wafting out of the kitchen. Excited shouts of Asha, Enoch and their cousins Joanna and Anmol are mingling with the other sounds of paradise.

We are in a small heaven – at ‘Jeba Villa’ – Amma and Appa’s home in the little village of Tungalam – just outside Vishakapatnam. We are at rest.

It is just lovely to be quiet. To read the Bible. To sleep. To plan small outings to the sea shore.

I realize just how tired I am. Though we have the whole night to sleep through I still get up several times. I find myself dozing while reading. But at the same time the therapy of quiet, good food, loving people who we have not seen for so long is making its happy work of restoration felt.

Barring Daisy, Ramesh and Frankie in the US, the other three Rajan siblings have made the pilgrimage to Jeba Villa. Peter and Yashmeet and Anmol had come from Kenya and had spent 3 happy days with us in Thane before we took the 1.5 day train trip together here. Sarah and family were doing the rounds of Victor’s relatives here in Andhra Pradesh and have showed up here on Sarah’s birthday. We have a bon-fire planned tonight with the cousins and their parents due to present various items.

We are grateful to God as the year slips to an end for all the very very many good things that He has given us. The Rajan family is sponsoring a ‘love feast’ at the local Hebron assembly on Sunday – at which time Victor, myself and Peter will be giving messages in the fellowship. On the 31st night we will all be together for the watchnight service. It is fitting that we should end by thanking God – and looking ahead to what He has in store for us all in 2008.

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We got a call from Mum and Dad on Christmas day while we were traveling on the train. The day before the door bell had rung – and they saw with a shock that little Ashish was sitting on the doorstep – alone. Around his neck he had a sign saying ‘Happy 40th Anniversary plus 1 day”. No one else was in sight.

Well, almost – around the corner Stefan and Neeru were peeping at our shocked parents. They had made an unexpected sortie to Mussoorie and spent 3 heaven-sent days with our beloved parents.

Paradise all around!

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