Sunday, 30 December 2007

Top 10 for 2007

Its time to make lists.

We could make hundreds of them based on all that happened in 2007, but here is just one - a quick top-10 areas of common grace which we as a family we are grateful for in 2007.

10. Family holidays - just take a look at the photo above - no more words needed.

9. Enoch being able to 'repeat' his junior kindergarten. We are so glad he is so much happier and more confident at school now - and he has been saying that he likes his 'second Hummingbird class'

8. No serious sicknesses in the family - and this despite the almost daily contact with people who are dying of various infectious diseases - with multi-drug resistant TB being the most dangerous of the lot.

7. Asha has a believing teacher - at a Jain school!

6. Having Stefan, Neeru and Ashish with us in the Mumbai area for 2+ months in May-July.

5. Mary Auntie - who has been helping us out home over the past few months with cleaning and picking up kids from the bus and cooking and other miscellaneous things

4. Good food - and chai - all year round. We are all nicely 'healthy' - and perhaps need a bit of an active exercise regime?

3. Such a joy to see Peter and Yashmeet in a totally new way - this year they are active in helping local churches in Kenya - there have been deep changes in their lives and today we had the joy of hearing Peter give a message at the local Hebron assembly where Amma and Appa attend here in Gajuwaka, AP.

2. Deep opportunities to bless people through our work at Jeevan Sahara - and be blessed by them too. Our Thanksgiving meeting on the 15th was such a deep blessing to us - we were overwhelmed with God's love.

1. Experiencing God - in big and small ways - throughout the year. The word of God continues to speak - we need to listen more and obey.

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