Saturday, 22 December 2007

A bit of heaven

We are in another season of grace.

Sheba's brother Peter and Yashmeet are here with us, along Asha and Enoch's long awaited cousin Anmol.

Peter and Yashmeet have been living in Nairobi, Kenya for the last 3 years. The last time Asha and Enoch saw Anmol she was just over a year old. It is such a joy to see this lovely and loving little girl - so full of life and charm. It is wonderful to see the three cousins discovering each other.

Having arrived on an overnight train from Hyderabad early this morning, we did not give the Peter family much time to rest - we were off in the afternoon to Igatpuri to participate in the Christmas programme at Purnatha Bhavan.

Purnatha Bhavan is an amazing place which the OASIS India Trust runs. It is a home for women and children infected and affected by HIV. But that simple sentence does no justice to what is actually happening. There are more than 70 dear people who are being loved and transformed in so many different ways. Lives which were hopeless are being knit together. People who are so broken are discovering new hope. Disparate people are working together. We saw some of the results at this celebration of Christmas.

We have a special reason to be so touched because Sheba has been involved with the medical care for many of the women and children who have HIV at Purnatha Bhavan. To see so many, who we have seen in various stages of sickness and dejection - to see them up on stage - radiant in happiness - doing dramas and dances - was just magical. We are so amazed to see the transformations that have taken place and know that the Lord is in this place. It is the person of Jesus alone who has brought about such changes - and we give thanks for his loving hands and feet who have been serving these women and children.

Mrs. Quilon and her 4 children went to Purnatha Bhavan 2 years ago. The children are almost unreckonizable now. So big. So talented. So full of life. The eldest dancing vigourously. The younger girl reading beautifully as a narrator. The youngest boy lovingly holding our hands and not letting go. The second youngest darting around full of joy. Their smiling mother - TB ravaged lungs and all - wreathed in a smile of thanks. Just one of the many, many lives that Jesus is touching at Purnatha Bhavan.

We are in a season of grace.

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