Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Living Legends - Uncle and Aunty Cyril Christian

We continue to be blessed by meeting living legends.

This past week we Eichers had the joy of hosting Uncle Cyril and Auntie Snygdha Christian from Sambalpur, Orissa.

Uncle Cyril had worked with Dad in 1966 on OM - and has continued with the same fervency and global vision since then. A died in the wool Gujarati, Uncle Cyril was married to Aunty Snygdha - then a school teacher - and they settled in Sambalpur Orissa where Aunty was working.

A life well lived - this precious couple have been fostering pairs of children over the past decade. We at Jeevan Sahara are privileged to have Sandhya Rani Aind - one of our nurses - who Uncle and Aunty have raised and nurtured. We can see their love in action through the life of Sandhya. As a trained nurse she has been a great blessing to the team and has grown to love people with HIV deeply.

At the same time Sandya was being groomed in the family, Uncle and Aunty also looked after Pinku - a young man who is now married and teaching at a school in Orissa. Currently they are looking after Daniel who is doing his 10th standard classes and a girl who is in 7th standard. Uncle and Aunty are currently praying about taking on another pair.

Having retired after being head-mistress in various government highschools in Orissa, Aunty Snygdha retains her razor-sharp mind - and deep desire to serve.

Talking with these dear saints is like drinking deep, clear water. Their enthusiasm for God - their desire to serve - their life of prayer - their love for finding out new things - their desire to encourage others - trully, the world needs many more Uncles and Aunties like these two.

Will we be like this when we see our few grey hairs become the crown of righteousness that Uncle and Aunty can boast of? We hope. We pray.

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