Saturday, 8 December 2007


Ever noticed the sad forlorn single pieces of footwear that dot the streets?

Where do they come from? Where is their partner?

Here is the story of one - make that two single shoes.

Mr. Lambu - one of our long-standing positive friends - has not been doing well.

Though he recovered from the door of death - and has started working again - things have not been rosy.

His income has not added to positive change. The rupees earned from his auto-rickshaw driving have fueled the old addiction to alcohol - the reason why he and his family were forced to leave their home and are now living on the pavement.

Last week he came to see us at the centre.

Mr. Lambu is in a terrible state. He can hardly swallow - because his oral candidiasis has spread down his throat. He can hardly feel on the left side of his body. We suspect he has a toxoplasmosis infection of the brain. Treatable - if he takes the meds and the prayers work...

Last week he lost his footwear - twice.

He was walking along and did not notice that his chappal had fallen off - until some time later.

Pray for this dear man and his family.

Next time you see a stray chappal or shoe on the road - remember Mr. Lambu.

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