Friday, 28 December 2007


The paper this morning had sobering news.

Benazir Bhutto is dead. Assassinated. Bombs, riots, chaos all over Pakistan.

At the same time we have deaths from police firing in Orissa where VHP activists are burning churches.

A sea change is taking place in Kenya as the results seem to indicate a change of government.

It seems wherever we look we see chaos - something heightened by the beautiful surroundings of family, good food and love that we are experiencing here in Vizag.

In this context the amazing picture of the future we see in the book of Revelation - with all its austere glory - takes on such an amazing hue.

A new city. Coming down from heaven like a bride. The white linen being the righteous acts of the saints. A place where the Lord and the Lamb will live with his people for ever. And ever. Where there is no need for other illumination - because the Lamb is the light!

This certainty - thus utter complete certainty - helps us move forward into tomorrow.

Come Lord Jesus. Come quickly Lord.

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