Friday, 23 November 2007

Prayers for a sick boy

As we were writing about little Hari last night - a miracle happened.

We had not planned to admit Hari but he came to the centre in teh morning in a very sick state - drowsy - disoriented. We monitored him over the day and wanted to send him and his mother home in the evening since none of his relatives knew he had come to JSK for admission.

At 6 PM he had still not stabilised so Dr. Adam said he would be back at 8 to check in on him and discharge him if possible.

At 8.30 PM Hari was in a very serious condition. High fever of 104, rapid breathing, semi-comatose. The dreaded thought of whether Hari would survive the night....

Adam and Sandhiya and Hari's mother prayed. Hard.

At 9 PM Hari suddenly got up and wanted to walk out the door. Fever - down to 99 degrees. Sandhiya took Hari and his mother home at 10 PM.

A total miracle.
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Please keep praying.
Hari is back at the centre today. We want to see this beautiful little boy healthy again. The road is long - but there is hope along the way.
God answers prayer.

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