Monday, 26 November 2007


You just don't know who you will meet on the street.

Tomorrow morning school starts up again after the 3 week Diwali holidays for our wonderful two-some.

We had to buy some sports shorts for Asha - she is growing - and the local dealer had run out. Off the 4 Eichers went on our trusty (and slightly rusty) scooter - into the depths of Thane town.

After securing the needed shorts and some socks for our 2 - we were on the street in the bazaar looking at cheap knickers from a roadside vendor when who should come up to us but an elderly Muslim gentleman and his wife.

We have been looking after this dear man's HIV positive daugther on an occasional outpatient basis - she lives with her husband deep in Bombay-town. They were so happy to see us - but said that their son-in-law has been admitted again at hospital for high fever. The on-going tragedy of HIV.

Later, just as we were about to come home we saw a familiar face on the road. We stopped and back-tracked. It was Vicky - who had been admitted last week to the hospital because of dysentry (see: sick child). Vicky is a young man who has been helping one of the families we are in touch with - and especially little Hari - who continues to recover from pneumonia. It was good to see Vicky on his feet. He was with friends and they coming back from church - walking the 20 min walk to the bus-stop which will take them home. He said that the church had announced about the Youth Against AIDS festival next Saturday - and that he will be there.

Our lives are intertwined with others.

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