Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Wednesday night prayer

We meet every Wednesday night for prayer. A small group of us. Tonight there were 2 - including your 'umble writer of this little screed.

The idea is to pray. For an hour. Less talk. More prayer.

No, its not lions that keep us few in number - unless you count the lions of busyness and the cheetah of tiredness, the ocelots of time-wasted-doing-other-things and an assorted menagerie of other issues that crowd into our lives.

We talked at the recent church family camp about being still and knowing that God is God. About having hungry, tender hearts which lead to satisfied hearts.

Our enemy mocks us. It all seems so futile at times. But God hears. He yearns to listen to His children talk to him. He delights in us pouring out what is inside in His presence. He wants to still us so that we can listen to Him too.

Keep prayin'...

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