Thursday, 1 November 2007

30 Days till YAA Fest 07

The countdown continues.

We have 30 days left before the YAA Fest 07.

A lot has happened - we have a great theme: Lead the Change!

We have clarity on the main idea: to see young people take leadership in showing what it means to have a passion for purity - to live out their lives against so many of the flows around them - and to make a bold and confident stand for that which is good and right!

We have our main speaker - Indrajit Sunderam - poet, song-writer, pastoral care-giver, teacher, activist - a Bombay boy yet serving with an urban church in Delhi... a man passionate for living out Jesus in the here and now.

We have a band: CommonUnion

We have a great location: St. John the Baptist School - down in the heart of Thane.

We have lots and lots and lots of work to do!

Thanks for praying - all extra hands, feet, eyes, etc. very much appreciated - contact us immediately if you can help out in any way!

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