Monday, 19 November 2007

Art with an urban soul

In the beginning was beauty. And truth. And a master artist.

In the meantime lots has happened.

Thank God - literally - for artists.

Art with an urban soul - that's what the Hindusthan Times calls the latest art camp that Stefan and his colleagues at Creative Conscience are part of. Read about it: here

Here is an excerpt:

Stephan Prakash Eicher, one of the artists from Creative Conscience, has done a painting called "Finding a Foothold", drawing a contrast between the pigeons and the mass of young rag pickers who are a common sight in all towns.

He says that pigeons come to cities in search of food and do get a foothold. Rag pickers too migrate to cities in search of food but find they are less privileged that the birds.

The ongoing art workshop, "Disparity - Exploring Urban Growth and Urban Poverty", in New Delhi has brought together artists from India and abroad together to use their paintbrushes to raise awareness about rising inequality in urban India.

"People of cities give food to pigeons, but they like to drive away rag pickers, who deserve respect as fellow human beings," Eicher told IANS.

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