Thursday, 24 February 2022

Update on Mum's health 24.2.2022

Dear Friends,

Mum had a very restless last night. But what a privilege to be with her for every minute of it, and to massage and comfort her through the hours.

In the morning we were glad when she ate a bowl of suji and drank some water by us asking her to open her mouth and swallow for every spoonful.

As the day went on, it became clear that Mum is unlikely to make a quick recovery. Though the CT scan ruled out internal injury to the brain, a when lot of other post-fall complications are happening to Mum.

Mum is actually very sick. For most of the day she has not opened her eyes. She has also developed a fever and pneumonia and needs oxygen support.  

Mum has been responding to us in a very limited way.  She is unable to answer most questions, other that the occasional monosylable.  

Over the day Mum has sometimes spoken in slurred speech from within her oxygen mask. But though we bend down to listen to Mum, we just couldn't make out the words...

And so we come to the end of the day with Mum in a  challenging state. We firmly believe that the Lord has the power to heal her ... and give her many more days of life.

At the same time, these may be Mum's final days in this life. We.must be ready to accept the answers to the many prayers on behalf of Mum: that God will do the very best form of healing that He chooses at this time. This may be taking Mum to be with Him in paradise now rather than later.

We were glad that Premi was able to talk to Mum over the phone this evening from Alaska.  Mum didn't respond externally,  but we believe that her inner person heard all that has been spoken to her. 

We are deeply grateful for all the prayers and blessings from near and far. Thank you so much.  It is so touching to hear! Your prayers for Mum's complete healing and for wisdom and discernment for us are so appreciated!

- Andi and Sheba Eicher (on behalf of the widely spread-out Eicher clan)

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