Monday, 21 February 2022

Mum's Fall - Initial Prayer request

Dear Friends

This is the whatsapp note we sent out as we were booking tickets and rushing to Mussoorie from our distant part of Odisha


Requesting prayers. 

Mum had a bad fall today and has had a head wound and lost blood. She was alone at the time.  She was taken to Landour Community hospital for first aid and observation in their ICU.

In the afternoon she became disoriented and is now being shifted to Dehra Dun for a CT scan.  Stefan should be arriving in Dhera Dun this evening, and Sheba and myself are booked to fly tomorrow (22.2) to Dehra Dun via Delhi, God-willing arriving at 3 pm.  

Your on-going prayers are cherished for Mum and all of us at this time.  

- Andi and Sheba

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