Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The next steps for Yohan

Gentle readers with some interest in the Eicher family will perhaps have noticed a relative silence about our newest son Yohan.

It's not because we do not have much to write about the lad - there is lots to share.

It's more to do with the hectic swirls of our lives as they are unfolding at present - with Mum and Dad being with us and Dad's cancer treatment, Stefan and Neeru and family's shift to the US for 2 years, the ups and downs at JSK, the bang-bang-bang of exams (esp. for Asha) and two parents who are turned into coaches (esp. Sheba - I end us filling in a bit but she does the bulk), our on-going listening to the Lord for the next steps, church, car-pooling kids, tuesday nite Bible studies at Shanti's home, phone calls, and the story goes on.   Many blessings of course, but life is quite full at the moment - and we are very grateful for this too.

With Yohan, we have been blessed in so many ways.  Despite the sorrow of his life before us - the lad has just the biggest smile.  And never, ever complains when it is time for his meds.  And is gaining weight (7 kgs since we first met him late last year).  And is starting to speak English at home - some times at least.  

We are glad that we have found a good teacher for Yohan - Priya Sahane is very kindly giving him 2.5 hours of teaching a day.  Oma drops him off and picks him up at noon.  They usually walk back home together.  What a joy to have Oma with us.

The big unfinished business is the matter of Yohan's adoption.  After a number of visits by us (and goodly amounts of prayer) the authorities in Bhiwandi finally ordered an adoption agency in Navi Mumbai to help us process the legalities.  But then we had the challenge of even being allowed to meet them.  The agency for reasons unknown to us then informed the authorities that they cannot help us.  Period.

The next step was a phone call by what turns out to be child protection officers from the State Adoption Regulatory Agency.  They wanted to find out the number of Yohan's closest relative (his step-fathers, brother's wife) and ended up going and meeting her. Then they came over to meet us.  It was a very positive time - the ladies were warm and friendly and have clearly taken an interest in our case.  They normally monitor orphanages, but seem to be going out of their way to help us.  A breath of fresh air after what has been a rather trying time for us over the past 6 months...

We recently had a second visit by our intrepid duo.  They tell us that they are trying to move forward with the uncooperative agency after all.  We need to be ready to run here and there a bit, but everything will work out ok they assure us.  We believe... in their sincerity, and in the power of our Loving Father who has already adopted us into His family of grace and forgiveness - and who loves our Yohan so much.

So what is next?  We have had the official home visit.  We have given copies of our vital documents.  We await the intimation of the next steps...  for those gentle readers who do pray, will you please cover this situation again.  

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