Monday, 21 September 2015

Another Blessing

September 19th was a red-letter day for the Sainani family.

Sheba, Asha and I arrived back home to Thane at 6 AM - tired and groggy from what ended up being almost a day-long train journey from far-away Lalitpur in Uttar Pradesh (watch this spot for more details on that trip).  After our baths and chai and unpacking and Bible reading, it was over to the hospital for Sheba and myself at just after 7 AM.

Not to the Jeevan Sahara Kendra - rather we went over to Bethany Hospital to see Sandhya Sainani who we knew was due for a caesarian section that morning.

When we went up to her room on the 5th floor of Bethany, we found she was not there! The nurses on duty told us that she had gone down to the operating theatre! 

Well, you can imagine that we hared it down to the third floor - and there standing outside the OT doors were Sandhya (very great with child and clad in the hospital gown) and Prajitmol (who had spent the night with Sandhya).

It was wonderful that we could make it before the delivery.  We have been praying with Anil and Sandhya for their second child for many, many months now - and were so thrilled that we did not miss the big day!

Abhishek - Anil and Sandhya's son had been telling everyone how he was going to have a baby soon. 

This was the day that we had been looking forward to.

And where was the father?  I sent Anil an SMS telling him that we were waiting for the obstetrician to come - and then it would be all systems go!

The nurse on duty called Sandhya to step in through the operating theatre doors - and just then Rachael Joseph from church also came by.  It was time to pray.

I have been on this side of the Bethany Hospital OT doors a number of times this year.  Most memorably, of course was Dad's surgery in March.  And now another opportunity to pray.  We committed Sandhya and the new child into the loving hands of Jesus and Sheba and Sandhya walked through the doors.

A minute or two later Anil arrived - and was quickly escorted through the doors into the little conference room where his soon-to-deliver wife was waiting for him.  Sheba snapped this shot just before Sandhya went through the actual OT doors.

And then it was time for Sheba to go back up to Room No. 508 and wait.

The waiting did not take long.

I was in our JSK training session just after 9.30 when I got a call from Sheba....

.... and the news was that Anil and Sandhya had been blessed with a baby boy!

Sheba got a shot of little Ashish (which of course means blessing in Hindi) when he was put into his happy father's hands for the first time!

Wow - are we every happy.

It has been such a joy for us to walk along with Anil and Sandhya - through their engagement and wedding - and then the delight of their first son Abhishek and now their second - little Ashish (who clocked in with a respectable 3 kg birth-weight).

Later in the day it was time to meet the happy mother again!

If you look closely at the above pic - you will see another cot in the right hand corner.

In that corner is this little angel - Ashish Sainani:

Long may you live Ashish - and may you be a real blessing to many, many, many people as you grow and develop and bring great joy to your parents and older brother and all of us.

The Lord has done it, and it is marvellous in our eyes!  (Psalm 118.23)

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