Monday, 25 March 2013

Looking ahead

We can see the future.  It is here.  Already walking around.  Learning to speak.  Taking in the world.  Listening and growing. And often getting some pretty hard knocks early on.

Our children and young people are what our nation is going to be like in the next 2 decades.

What a world this generation is growing up in....  other than the recent cricket series win over Australia there is precious little to cheer.  And that too is cold comfort when weighed against the ghastly litany of sexual violence and other assorted ills that march across the paper each morning.

But yet, we believe and know that every single person has value.  Each person is endowed with amazing God-given abilities to make a real difference for themselves, their families and the whole extended and often fractious family of humanity.

Take a dekko at the photo above.  It is from a street play that our Jeevan Sahara Kendra team did with a local church in Chembur.

Look at the make-up of the crowd - 90% under 25 years old.

Look at the faces of these kids.  The mixture of expressions as they take in what is being shown.

Observe the adolescents and young adults (including one at least who seems to be talking on a mobile).

Here be the mothers and fathers of tomorrow.  Here is the future of our country.

What a privilege - and great responsibility - to be interacting and serving the people who are going to be shaping tomorrow... today!

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