Thursday, 14 March 2013

Blast from the past

Ben Harrison was a student nurse who did a 2 month stint out with us out at the Nav Jivan Hospital in (then) Bihar.  It was 2000 and we were then a newly married couple.

This week he tracked us down and so we are talking after over a decade.

Here is a blast from the past that he sent us: 

We see younger and thinner versions of who we are today.

But we also see the same joy that has sustained us over these years.  How amazingly grateful I am for the 13 plus years that we have travelled together.  After sending Ben a current picture of us his response was "And boy you have doubled!"  Our last 12 years with kids means that we don't remember too much of the 1.5 years we were together before Asha burst on the scene.  But each step of the way has been suffused with joy (and had its share of tears too of course).


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