Wednesday, 13 March 2013


We have 19 mutual friends.

We probably know each other.

Why don't we connect over Facebook? ... at least that is what the good folks at FB want us to do.  And so his face appears every now and then, with a suggestion to 'add Friend.' beneath the name and image.  And the reminder of how many people are already 'FB friends' with both of us.

We actually do know each other.

But we can't become friends of Facebook.

My friend died at the end of last year.  He died at our centre.  He is now in a place where true friendship lasts forever - instead of the shallow 'friending' that Facebook offers.

I remember his thin body.  His lop-sided smile. 

I remember praying with him.  Talking with him.  I remember the love and care that Sheba and our nurses gave him.  I remember the large number of his brothers and sisters who came to meet him in his last days.  The church which so lovingly had cared for him and been his home.  I remember the day of his funeral - seeing his young peers as they watched his body being carried out to the ambulance for its last journey to the burial ground.

One thing I know for sure is that my friend is with my Lord.  Far from being dead - he is very much alive.

I don't need FB to friend him.  We are friends for life... and beyond.

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