Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A weight is lifted

On a day like any other, while the city roared in the background around him, a man took a nylon rope and tested it.

Lets call him "Dilip."  He was married with grown children.  Siblings abroad.  A man with an acceptable income.  A church-goer.

But Dilip knew he had HIV.

And he was ready to end it all.  It was too much.  'Life is not worth living' was the thought that drove Dilip to this act.  He worked methodically.   The chandelier was removed.  The rope slung over the hook.  Having written letters to his near and dear (including those abroad), he wrote a letter to the police, explaining what he was going to do and telling them not to blame his family.  Everything done with the same methodical purpose that Dilip had always shown. 

He had rigged everything up when his eyes fell on a small box of 'promise verses.'

Dilip was a church-goer - but had never read the Bible.  Religion was for others.  He did his duty, but didn't allow any 'emotionalism' into his life.  His siblings abroad had had some kind of 'Jesus encounter' - but all of that was not for Dilip.

Somehow, at this moment he felt drawn to read these 'promise verses.'  He read one.  Then another. Then another.  He had never read this before - but it warmed his heart.

After reading four Bible verses he took down the rope and tore up the letters.  He would not undergo this act after all.

It wasn't like Dilip saw a white light and heard a voice, but something had changed.

Last month we met Dilip at Jeevan Sahara.   It has been some time since that dramatic (and till now hidden) day.  Dilip told Sheba his story and the great burden of guilt he was carrying about his HIV status.   With the help of Sister Chinnamma's counsel Dilip left our premises a changed man.  He had realised that he needed to ask forgiveness from God - and that Jesus is so willing to cleanse us of our inner wickedness. 

"I feel so light" Dilip said after he had prayed a simple prayer asking forgiveness.  "In never knew that I could be free of my guilt."

Dilip still has a road to follow.  But a huge first step has been taken.   Living with HIV is not easy - but taking our lives is a big lie that the enemy of our souls loves to plant in our minds.  Each life, each person is so very precious. We are so glad Dilip did not take his life on that day - and that we still have him with us.


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  1. Thank you, Andi. Praise Jesus! And thank you Andi, Sheba and team for your Kingdom work! Bonnie