Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Fantastic Four

Nine years ago the final member of the Fantastic Four was born.

We celebrated her birthday on Sunday.

What a world of a difference from that dark night in May, when we got onto an State Transport bus and went over to Borivali - to see the newborn Jasper - and try and help out with Nalini who had experienced a very difficult delivery in the small private nursing home Jasper was born in.

On Sunday it was time to think back with wonder over the years that have flown by.  To thank God for the miracle of our four kids - Asha and Enoch from the Eichers - and Nikita and Jasper from the Gabriels.  The 4 have literally grown up together - and we marvel and the beauty of their friendship!

The current game of choice is that old capitalist favourite of course!

To prove that they are indeed growing - the inevitable 'standing-on-our-toes-to-show-that-I-am-taller-than-the-others' takes place.  The end result is that we see pretty much just how tall every one is becoming as they bloom into the early tweens!

Nikita, Jasper, Enoch and Asha - all getting bigger and BIGGER every time we meet!

Whoever invented the 'Birthday Cake' was clearly onto something good.  Our four dug into this pretty chocolate gateau with much delight.

And then there was the serious business of eating Nalini's amazing chicken curry, and prawn curry. 

We had taken our little Papaya (the Nano car) for its first spin (our friend Shibin driving since it has been 2 decades since I drove shift) - and after the meal wondered if it had enough power to drive back three very stuffed adults - and two well fed kids!

The long and short of just another one of the all-too-short meet-ups with the Gabriels is that we once again understand the amazing joy of friendship.   What a thrill it is to be with people who are so precious to us.  And how glad we are that our kids are laying a foundation of what we hope and pray will be a life-time of joy together as the Fantastic Four!

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