Thursday, 31 May 2012

A call

Amidst the golden sun on shivering oak leaves up in Mussoorie we got a call.   A long-distance call from Thane.

It was from one of our nurses at JSK- and she told us that Nalini is no more.  Not that Nalini has ceased to exist, but that her tired body has in the old way of saying it 'given up the ghost.'

Nalini spent over a month at the Jeevan Sahara Kendra.  She came in a hopeless case.  She was losing control over her body from severe neuroligical impairment.  She almost died multiple times while Sheba and the nurses cared for her, while her family camped out at JSK and lovingly looked after her.

Over the month of valiant effort, we knew that it was unlikely that we going to help Nalini walk home.  Her family had been praying for a complete cure. Numerous times we had suggested taking Nalini home, but they pleaded to keep her at JSK.  We did.

As the weeks went by, the family grew stronger in their acceptance of Nalini's situation and finally took her home for palliative care at home.  Our JSK nurses visited every other day and helped out till the end.

Nalini is in a place of peace and rejoicing we know.  In one of her lucid moments she prayed a simple sweet prayer to the lover of our souls - the risen Lord Jesus who knows the pain and torment that so many go through.  Her family surrounded her with love.  Frail simple people, but what a privilege to share the last days of their loved one with.

Nalini's husband is still with us in Thane.  He has HIV too.  We will continue to look after him and his journey through his illness. 

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