Thursday, 4 November 2010

To camp!

We are about to leave for camp in 45 minutes.

So here goes the quickest entry ever:

About 200 odd folks (most like us - 'odd') are going to spend 4 days together at an old Parsee boarding school in Khandala. Singing, praying, listening to God's word, discussing, playing, sleeping, talking, eating, talking, eating, sleeping, playing, praying... you get the picture.

The centre of all of this is the person of Jesus Christ. No getting around it. And that's the theme of the Family Camp this year "Looking Unto Jesus"

Here is an amazing quote I just heard, attributed to a person called Ray Hilderbrand:

"God loves you just the way you are,
But too much to let you stay that way."

That's why our lives revolve around the person of Jesus. Strip him out of the picture and whatever we do is the worst form of crock. But oh the glories of knowing Him and growing in Him....

We are off to camp! Ciao!

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