Friday, 29 October 2010

Misery Road

We got an email. A cry for help.

A lady who we met at the EMFI conference in Ranchi told us about a Tamil girl who was in Mumbai and had gotten into trouble and did not have a home.

The email said that she was staying at "Misery Road"

Sheba contacted the phone number and was able to talk to the girl. We will call her Mallika.

She is currently being put up with friends of friends of friends in a place called "Mira Road"

But she certainly is living in "Misery Road"

Mallika was sold when she was 9 years old. Her story is very dark. She has seen and experienced some of the worst things that anyone can experience.

A few years ago she was 'rescued' from the notorious brothels of Kamathipura by a pioneering social worker. Then started a long set of shufflings between different organisations. She has been up and down the country, trying to make a life. Currently she has burned some bridges with the latest institution that has been trying to help her.

Oh that we could have an orange button to press and make every thing work out right. Some magic wand to wave over a person and erase the past and make the present perfect.

Not going to happen.

Instead we join the chain of people who have been trying to help Mallika make a new life. Our involvement is small. Listening to her. Praying with her. Seeing what options she has now. Looking to see which of our friends can take the next steps in partnering with her. To move her out of 'Misery Road' and walk with her - for some distance at least - along the road of Hope. To see her come to a place on her pilgrimage where she is more and more of a blessing to herself and to others.

A broken and contrite heart, Oh God, you will not despise...


  1. Hmm, very touching. Will definitely pray for Mallika. - Johnny.

  2. Thanks Johnny,

    God has heard the many prayers - and Mallika is currently being loved and cared for in Ooty (see: and - but we know that restoration takes a lifetime - so many more prayers are very much needed!