Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Welcome the little children

A little premature, underweight baby girl was abandonned at a mission hospital in North India. A nurse from the Nav Jivan Hospital was attending a training at that hospital. She heard about the abandoned child and asked her husband whether they could adopt the baby. He said yes. The nurse was Prabha. Her husband Christochit.

And so little Anushka was adopted by Christochit and Prabha Kerketta.

We are so glad for this couple - who we used to work together with in the community health department of Nav Jeevan Hospital. It is a special joy to us that we helped facilitate them getting married to each other while we were working at Nav Jivan Hospital 10 years ago.

And we are so glad for the lovely little girl - who is growing into a spunky chubby child.

By God's grace and a bit of nudging with the hospital authorities, Prabha was given maternity leave after adopting the baby - something that had not been done before.

It was just a thrill to see this beautiful child having grown and developed so much since we first saw her last year.

As with all of us - Christo and Prabha have their limitations - who among us fit the bill of 'perfect parents' - but what wonderful carers they have been to Anushka!

We are so proud of families who open up their arms for children. Adoptions, foster care, being hospitable, providing a safe place - for a day - for a month - any of these steps always means stepping outside our comfort zones. But oh what oportunities to experience the Father heart of God.

Being the son of an adoptee - and the brother of another - I can totally and unequivocally say - let there be more. We need to see the lonely into families.

Christo and Prabha are among the many unsung heroes who are showing the way. With God's grace and help they should not - and we pray they will not - be the exception. Lets open our arms out wide....

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