Tuesday, 27 January 2009

House painting

What does it feel like to be a refugee in your own home? Simply do a painting job while trying to live life as normally as possible.

We started a long over-due painting of our flat thanks to a genrous gift from a friend. The results are already wonderful. No conservative off-white for us this time. Colour it is and each room a new and striking one no less.

As a sample, look at the shade of our main living / dining room wall:

The cross-stitch is a gift from Dr. and Mrs. Colin Binks on the occasion of us dedicating Asha to the Lord Jesus in January 2001. The picture has followed us to each of our homes - and now Asha and Enoch are able to sing all the verses of the song at the drop of a hat!

It is sobering to see how much effort and money goes into the process of painting. The sweat and grime that goes into sanding off and rubbing down. The various layers of plaster, primer and final coats which are put on. The cleaning up afterward of paint splatterd floors and dust in all nooks and crevasses.

Would that we would see something like this in who we are at our core. Too often we keep waiting and procrastinating - while the once beautiful and functional starts to chip away and decay.

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