Saturday, 17 January 2009

Bringing us back to God

Life continues to be a blender of sorts. Lots of experiences. As I tap on the keyboard a real-life blender is being used by Sheba to make some delicious coconut-peanut chutney for the hot wadas she has just made for a small party we are having to celebrate Asha's 8 years!

The 'real birthday' was yesterday - but that was also Anil and Sandhya's wedding! Tomorrow is their blessing service and reception. And in the middle of all of this we held our first HIV Care training of the year.

It was very encouraging to see the 40 odd people who came for the "Love your Neighbour... with AIDS" training today. Encouraging because so many were young! Encouraging because you could really see on their faces that they were digging deep into the subject - and being challenged by the needs of people with HIV - and also by God's heart to work through His people the church!

It was also encouraging because we had at least 7 people with HIV present in the training itself.

As we mapped out the different areas where HIV affects people with HIV, one of our HIV positive participants made this comment: "HIV does not always lead to all of these things (i.e. depression, suicidal thoughts, rejection etc.) - many times it can be used to bring us back to reality - to be praying to God."

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