Sunday, 28 September 2008

Mobile faces

The wonders of the mobile phone never seem to cease.

We talked to people all across our country today.

Ranging from just next door - to the far reaches of the country. From morning to a late night call for prayer from a friend who is sick at Vellore.

Note how different we look when we talk. Its a pity Sheba's beautiful smile is not broadcast across the airwaves. Tis a mercy that my grimace is not!


  1. Great contrast. Just wondering if the pictures were posed -- how can you get that much expression -- and why take pictures of people on "hand phones."

  2. a my friend - nothing posed about these shots - though the dear folks on the other side can't see our expressions - it doesn't stop us from wearing them (and at least for me - gesticulating with my hands too!) These pics are the genuine article. Look at them the next time you talk with one of us on the phone...