Thursday, 26 February 2009


Enoch rode his small bike on his own today. All on his own. Not the one which we bought (that has become Asha's bike) but one that we were given - which we in turn gave away - and which was then given back to us.

All in all, its been less than a year since Asha learned.

Enoch happily (and loudly) told the other little chaps who were scooting around on their bikes: "Look - no training wheels"

It was a tired, and happy, and pretty grubby little just-turned-six-year-old boy that I gave a bath to tonight.

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  1. Impressive. We haven't gotten our second-born to ride her bike yet -- and she's about 2 years older than when Reeve learned to ride a bike.

    The difference in boys and girls. Wild.