Saturday, 7 February 2009

Job interview

I had been dreading this talk for days. When he called up on Wednesday and asked whether we should meet on Thursday or Friday, I gladly took Friday.

But there we were on Friday morning at 10.30 AM. On opposite sides of the table. Quick prayer, deep breath and into the conversation we went.

I asked him what his experience had been - having volunteered with Jeevan Sahara Kendra for a week - and seen us from the inside. And what God had been leading him and his wife to.

He was very positive. He appreciated the work and the commitment needed. He was challenged to see the way that people were being cared for - and the hope that Jesus can give to the situations we face. He and his wife had been praying that God would show them a breakthrough in January about where they can serve.

Mick, his wife and their 1 standard going daughter had left the North-East and come to Mumbai for the sake of her education - and to serve with a Christian organisation. As a family they have been helping out with a church made up mainly of folks from the North East in Kalina (and area that seems to have for Mumbai standards a disproportionally high number of folks from the 'Seven Sisters').

Then it was my turn. I had to tell him that though I really liked him and what he had to say, we just did not have the peace to take him and his family on to the team. It was not easy for me to say this.

But what happened next was beautiful.

I do not recall all the ins and outs of the conversation, but the gist was simple. He told me that he respected our decision, and appreciated the pains I had taken to tell him about it. He said that he had no regrets of spending the time with JSK and that it was a privilege to serve God this way. He said that he wanted to keep in touch and help out for future programmes - and that his family and church would continue to pray for us all. He said that he had gained a friend in this process.

I was overwhelmed. My esteem for this dear man went sky high.

I know that he and the family are in a very tight situation financially. One of the reasons why it was so hard for me to say what I had to. And yet this deeply mature man was able to be so positive. So trusting that God will take care of them. Not a grimace from his part. No pressure. No putting on any guilt trips.

I have also gained a friend in the process. And a brother.


p.s. We had a very different experience with someone earlier. To read about it click: here

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