Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Memory pictures

Enoch suddenly started to cry. Sheba and Ethel were heading for the door, as Sheba was going to introduce Ethel (who comes to our house fellowship) to our lady staff members. They were due to be away for about an hour or so of fellowship.

Enoch said that he wanted us to see something. Tears were coming starting to make glistening trails down his face now.

"Someday, when you die and go to heaven, I will remember you with these pictures" he said through his tears. We came into the kids bedroom and there in a secret corner he brought out a portrait of Sheba and another of myself that Enoch had made with pencil. We thanked him for these pictures and let him put them back in his secret place.

Then we prayed with him, holding his hands. All four of us as a family together.

Our children have already heard much about death. What goes on in their minds? Only the love and tenderness of Jesus can touch them.

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