Saturday, 21 February 2009


For most of us, the word 'Negative' is well... negative. Bad. Less than good.

But for a person who is being tested for HIV - to hear that they are 'negative' is very, very good news.

We have just started the HIV testing programme at Jeevan Sahara Kendra. This week was the first week in which we tested people.

By God's grace each one of the 7 people tested so far has had a non-reactive result - meaning that they are "HIV negative". 6 of those tested in the first week were children - all have parents who are HIV positive and whom are serving with. And what a relief to the parents to know that their kids have not received the virus from them.

We expect that we will soon be giving people the news that they have tested positive for HIV. As sad as that will be - it is better to hear it from us - than in a cold and unfriendly place. We know that we do not have all the answers (and certainly not all the answers in an easy way). At Jeevan Sahara, however, we are able to link people who test positive for HIV in with our home-based care programme, local churches and government health facilities.

In the mean time, we pray that more people who are at risk from HIV will be tested - and that many of them will hear the relieving words that they are negative. We pray, however, that when our Friends hear about the negative HIV test result, that they will make drastic changes in their lives. All possible only with a determination and will, support from friends and others - and God himself!

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